Are there significant improvements from using keywords on my LinkedIn profile?

Using the right keywords on your profile can result in a huge jump in your profiles placement in search engine rankings. This can in turn result in an increased number of new contacts and profile views in a short time. The change in your search ranking is immediate. You should research keywords for LinkedIn profile use as soon as possible.

What are the best keywords for LinkedIn users to improve profile search rank?

The best keywords to use depend on the particular LinkedIn member. It will depend on what somebody wants to be ranked for that determines which keywords will serve them best. Some methods to employ that will help you come up with the best keywords are included here:

  • Keyword search for most will be based on their field of work, area of expertise and job title. Do your keyword search on words that describe your skill set, words that describe your field and variations of your job title to develop an initial keyword list. Relevant keywords are important but its knowing how to add keywords to LinkedIn profile fields that will really have an impact.
  • Headline keyword placement. This is the part of your profile directly beneath your name and also the field that adds the most weight to your LinkedIn profile SEO. Put your job title here and all the variation you came up with that will fit.
  • Job title is another area that has a significant impact. Again put your job title here and several of the variations
  • Summary is usually the most read part of a profile and also has the space for you to use a large number of keywords without giving the impression of keyword stuffing. You want your summary to remain readable.
  • Experience and skill areas are both areas that you can load up on keywords. Use lists when possible

A search done after following the steps listed above will show your LinkedIn profiles jump up the SEO ranks. You can try other keywords and employ other keyword strategies for further improvement.

Get help with optimizing your profile with keywords

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