Although there are millions of LinkedIn users today only a fraction of them knows how to use this social media platform properly. Many have set up profiles and made connections but failed to increase their online presence probably because their profile is not that interesting to begin with. If you want to be discovered in LinkedIn, you might want to look for LinkedIn profile tips or use LinkedIn professional services to help you improve your own profile.

10 LinkedIn Profile Tips

  • Complete your profile. Don’t make the mistake of skipping parts of your profile.

  • Use pertinent keywords and catchy phrases that will help viewers find you.

  • Send invitations to your connections to increase your network and online presence.

  • Post recommendations and endorsements given to you by friends and colleagues.

  • Post a marketing or sales message to LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your industry.

  • Change your profile posting at least once a week to stay updated.

  • Make use of the invites given to you by LinkedIn to set up networks and to promote your profile.

  • Hire a LinkedIn expert to provide you with more LinkedIn profile tips and tricks.

  • Build a professional profile equipped with links to your work, presentations and such for employers to see what you can do.

Where to Find More Linked In Profile Tips

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Experts in LinkedIn

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