One of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile is the summary. It is here where you will get the chance to make a good impression to potential employers who will be looking at more than just your photo. However, this is also the part where many LinkedIn users fail because they don’t pay much attention to their summary which causes them to miss great opportunities in this social networking site. It is vital that you learn how to make connections on LinkedIn and how to write a LinkedIn summary that will impress employers.

How to Write a LinkedIn Summary

  • Complete the Summary – Your summary is vital in your LinkedIn profile because it is here where employers get to know more about you other than your work experience.

  • Use all the characters – There is a word count provided in the summary section. Use them all up.

  • Share stories – Write about your accomplishments that can’t be found in the bullet section of your resume.

  • Break your summary up – Add headers, sub-headers and graphics even just to break the monotony of your summary.

  • Add contact information – It would help a lot if your summary indicates where you can be reached.

Need Help with Writing a LinkedIn Summary?

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Make Your Summary Stand Out

How to write a LinkedIn summary is easy as well as making LinkedIn connections. Just follow the tips mentioned above and you will do just fine. Of course if you want to deliver the best results hiring our expert writers will definitely be to your advantage.

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