LinkedIn is a powerful social networking site that aims to provide both employers and job seekers a platform where they can connect and interact with ease. Although this networking site already has millions of users only a fraction of them knows how to make use of LinkedIn to their advantage. For them, building a profile is just putting their photo and a summary of their background and that’s it. You might be surprised to find that when it comes to LinkedIn profile writing there are a lot of factors to take note of.

Factors to Consider in LinkedIn Profile Writing

If you want your profile in LinkedIn to get noticed among the crowd, you need to know what your viewers would like to see and read. The first thing you should think about is your photo because this is the first thing that they will look at. A professional looking photo of you will be more engaging to your viewers compared to candid shots. The headline of your profile is something that you need to work on too if you want to catch their interest. You also need to work on your profile summary to provide your visitors with sufficient information about you.

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