What is a LinkedIn endorsement?

A LinkedIn endorsement is a way for somebody to say that you have a particular skill or expertise. It is meant to provide those who look at your profile a quick and easy way to get an idea what particular skill sets you have. A skill with many endorsements will attract those in need of that skill. They get the skill they need and you get work. Learn how to write an endorsement on LinkedIn to benefit others and yourself. Besides, you may know more about how to make a business page on LinkedIn on our site.

How to write an endorsement on LinkedIn

Part of knowing how to write a LinkedIn endorsement is also knowing when to provide an endorsement and being aware of endorsement “etiquette”. The following are some basic guidelines and information to use when providing an endorsement.

  • The “writing” of an endorsement is quick and easy. It involves clicking endorse on a person’s profile. LinkedIn will even suggest a particular skill that you can endorse. There are something like 50 skills an individual can be endorsed for.
  • When providing an endorsement consider who you are endorsing. It is inevitable that at some point an individual you hardly know will provide you with an endorsement. This is often done to increase endorsements as many in such a situation feel an obligation to return the endorsement. Caution is advisable as your reputation could slip if endorsing somebody for a skill they don’t have.
  • When to provide an endorsement is a consideration. The best time is when you have actually seen the persons endorsed skill in action or have reliable information that they indeed do possess the ability you are giving them credit for.
  • Consider what skill to endorse. If your intention is to help, contact the person and ask. Skills are ranked on a profile based on the number of endorsements received, and they may want a particular skill highlighted.
  • Why are you providing an endorsement? Endorsements are an asset to a profile. Are you giving out endorsements in order to gain one in return, or because you genuinely want to credit somebody for a demonstrated skill.

The best advice on how to write an endorsement on LinkedIn is to endorse those you feel deserve it and are comfortable with.

Using LinkedIn endorsements effectively

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