What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network platform geared towards business professionals. Unlike many social network platforms such as Facebook or Twitter which may be used for marketing purposes, but where the average user is there for strictly social reasons, LinkedIn is specifically aimed at business professionals, and intended for business use. It is a platform that serves its purpose very well if you know how to use LinkedIn for business networking.

How to use LinkedIn for business networking.

LinkedIn is a great tool for making useful business contacts and expanding your business network if you make good use of the options and tools that it provides. Putting up your profile and waiting for results is not enough. Here are some of the ways how to use LinkedIn for networking:

  • Make good use of your profile. Your profile is the single most important thing you have on LinkedIn. It should be complete and professional looking. Include a picture that is suitable. For those viewing your profile, you are your profile, so you want it to project the right image. Make effective use of keywords in your profile.
  • Participate in LinkedIn groups related to your field made up of the type of people you want to network with. Be active in discussions. Ask and answer questions. Regular participation will begin to establish you as an authority in your field.
  • Form a group of your own that would be of interest and useful to the people you want to network with. Having your own group also provides you with a free email broadcast tool.
  • Follow influencers and ask or answer questions on their posts. Influencers are individuals recognized by others as being an authority in some area, and tend to have more followers. Intelligent and thoughtful comments and responses on posts they make will start to get you noticed by their followers
  • Give recommendations and endorsements to others without the expectation of them reciprocating. This is a way to build good will and can often lead to benefits in the future even if there is no immediate gain.

Knowing how to use LinkedIn for business networking in an effective manner will increase your business and job opportunities.

Using LinkedIn in your job search

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