Why you should know how to share LinkedIn profile information

Sharing your LinkedIn Profile with friends and associates is a good way to keep them updated and it also helps in expanding your network of connections. LinkedIn provides tools that make sharing your profile easy and convenient. Knowing how to share LinkedIn profile information is essential to your networking efforts.

What should I know about how to share my LinkedIn profile?

The greatest LinkedIn profile won’t do you any good if it’s not seen. Sharing it with your friends and associates is a good way to help get it seen. The following are some guidelines on how to share your LinkedIn profile.

  • Customize your profile URL. You are automatically assigned a URL by LinkedIn when you create a profile that includes a bunch of numbers that nobody will be able to remember. However there is an option to change your URL to one that you choose. This can be your name, something related to your business or anything else. This makes your URL easier to remember when you do share your profile.
  • Make your profile URL part of your email signature. LinkedIn provides an option for this. Every time you send an email you will also be sharing your profile.
  • Link your LinkedIn profile to your Facebook and other social media profiles. This can be very effective, but some care should be taken. Look at the type of information that is on your Facebook time line and make sure nothing inappropriate finds its way to your LinkedIn contacts.
  • Use the Alumni search feature to renew high school and college friendships. Some of your old friends and acquaintances from school that you have lost contact with could prove to be valuable contacts.
  • Include a link to your profile on your blog/website and on your business card

 Use your LinkedIn profile to create employment opportunities

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