Why learning how to register a company on LinkedIn is important

Every day more businesses are realizing how important it is to have a company presence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best source of new business contacts there is for many companies. Failure to get your company on LinkedIn is ignoring a great opportunity. Learn how to register a company on LinkedIn and start reaping the benefits.

How to register a company on LinkedIn

Getting your company physically registered on LinkedIn is amazingly easy. The key is making your company’s presence register with those you want it to. The following provides information on how to do both:

  • Fulfill LinkedIn requirements to register your company. To register your company you need to provide a company domain and a valid email address. That is it.
  • Get your LinkedIn page active. Learning how to build a LinkedIn company page is almost as easy as registering. On the LinkedIn navigation bar click “Companies”. On the companies page click “Add a Company”. You will now complete your company overview page by supplying your basic company information. One of the required fields is company description. Have a compelling description prepared and make sure all required information is given. Click “publish” and you have an active company page.
  • Familiarize yourself with the assorted tools provided so you will know how to build a company page on LinkedIn that is fully optimized to make the best of networking opportunities. Use showcase pages to talk about yourself, provide information on your services and post useful relevant content.
  • Start getting the word out. Use your LinkedIn URL in your email signature, link Facebook and Twitter with your LinkedIn page and provide a link to your company page on your website/blog
  • Maintain your page. Provide regular updates. Use LinkedIn analytics to help you fine tune your company page to best effect.

Those are the basics of how to register a company on LinkedIn. Be sure to maintain your page if you expect to see good results.

Getting help with registering your company on LinkedIn.

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