Benefits of posting jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is developing a reputation for being the best place to find the right employee as well as the best place to find a job. This success in putting employers and prospective employee together stems from the job filtering ability that LinkedIn has. Jobs are seen by those best qualified, and prospective employees don’t have to wade through unsuitable jobs postings. Learning how to post jobs on LinkedIn lets employers draw on a pool of the most qualified applicants.

How to post jobs on LinkedIn

There are several ways that you can go about getting jobs posted on LinkedIn. Part of the attraction of LinkedIn for both job seekers and employers is that as you expand your network, you also expand the group of those that you want access to. The following is a list of ways to post jobs on LinkedIn:

  • Post a job on the LinkedIn Jobs board which is probably the way to get the best results. This is a simple 3 step process. 1) Click on the “Jobs” button on the navigation bar. On the Jobs page click on the “Post a job” button. 2) Enter the necessary information such as your company, job opening, how to apply, and skills you are looking for on the job posting form. Choose the job location and pricing plan. 3) Click continue to enter billing information and proceed with the posting.
  • Join a LinkedIn group that has the type of job seekers that you are looking for and post a job on a discussion thread.
  • Upgrade to a premium recruiter account. This gives you access to many recruiter tools including a direct messaging feature that allows you to contact any member without any introduction or connection. You are able to go directly to the individual you want with a job offer.
  • Post a job on your company’s career page. When you know how to post a job on LinkedIn company page it is free.
  • Part of knowing how to post jobs on LinkedIn involves etiquette. When posting in groups or using the premium recruiter account avoid spamming. In groups you will be viewed more favorably if you actively participate in the group and limit your job postings to those that are highly focused on the group member skills.

Learn where to find jobs on LinkedIn

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