The key to how to do marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable marketing tool and is gradually becoming an indispensable part of many business marketing plans. The reason LinkedIn is so effective for many who use it, is the networking ability that it provides to those who take advantage of it. Learning how to market your business on LinkedIn and writing a LinkedIn endorsement means using the networking opportunities available.

How to market your business on LinkedIn

How to market your business on LinkedIn boils down to expanding your network of useful contacts and business connections. Increasing the number of contacts and business connections you have increases the number of opportunities you have. Here are a few techniques you can incorporate in your business marketing efforts.

  • Optimize your LinkedIn page. Make use of showcase pages to talk about the services you provide. Use keywords effectively. When your networking efforts bear fruit, you want new contacts to like what they see on your page.
  • Join and actively participate in groups that have the type of people you want to network with. Ask and answer questions related to your field to help establish a reputation as an authority.
  • Be useful. Provide useful content on your page. For every post that serves to promote you, provide 4 or 5 posts that contain useful content. Introduce your contacts to each other if an introduction would benefit them. Those that you help will remember you favorably and may prove to be valuable contacts in the future.
  • Send a personal message to new contacts. There are some LinkedIn users who focus on creating contacts just to show a large number. Once a contact is made it is forgotten. A personal greeting will make you more memorable as it is something many don’t do.
  • Use LinkedIn analytics to determine which content you post is getting the best results and adjust your future content accordingly.

Building a strong network takes effort and the quality of the contacts you make should be at least as big a part of your focus as the number of your contacts.

Market your skills as your business on LinkedIn

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