Why you should know how to make a business page on LinkedIn

Many business professionals today function essentially as a 1 person company. The internet and the nature of many professions such as copy writing, website development and graphic design make it possible for a single person to provide the same services that larger companies do. Marketing yourself on LinkedIn as a company can increase the amount of jobs/contracts you get.

How to make a business page on LinkedIn

The purpose of having a LinkedIn business page is to promote yourself. The mechanics of how to make a business page on LinkedIn are fairly simple and LinkedIn provides help with that. Your main focus should be on how to use LinkedIn for business networking that is effective in promoting you and the services you provide. The basic elements to get your company page up and running include the following:

  • Meet LinkedIn requirements for having a company page. Having a company domain and a valid email address that matches the domain satisfies those requirements
  • Write a good company description. When you click the “Add a company” button LinkedIn asks for some basic information. The company description is one of the areas that you should give special attention. Use it to make a compelling statement about who you are and what you do.
  • Complete the rest of the basic information that is requested. This will include logo (if you don’t have one consider getting one), and a few others. An additional area in basic information to focus on is specialties. You are allowed 256 characters.
  • Use keywords in the “specialties” and “company description” to optimize your company page for search in the field you are providing a service in.
  • Click “publish” after completing the last of the basic information, and your business page is up and running.
  • Having an active LinkedIn business page is a start but you should be continually working on it. Familiarize yourself with all the tools and options LinkedIn provides to expand and fine tune your company page.

Using the LinkedIn company page to effectively promote yourself

The LinkedIn company page is useful in promoting yourself and the work you do. If you don’t know how to share LinkedIn profilehow to write a recommendation on LinkedIn or how to take advantage of the LinkedIn company page consider using our company’s resume writing service which includes developing a presence on platforms such as LinkedIn. Our resume writers are certified career planning professionals. They are well qualified and experienced in writing quality resumes that work. In addition they can provide valuable job search guidance end ensure you are provided the assistance you need to make your job search a success. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with the resume service we provide. Contact us with your job search needs to give yourself the best chance of success.