Improve your LinkedIn profile to improve results

You joined LinkedIn to network, make new contacts and improve your opportunities. LinkedIn can help you achieve this but you must do your part also. There are a number of small and seemingly insignificant things you can do to improve your LinkedIn profile. Besides, you may learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile with ease.

How to improve LinkedIn profile results

Many people become intrigued with what they hear about LinkedIn. However they seem to think it should just “happen” with little or no effort on their part. As with most things the results you gain reflect the effort applied. Many of us benefit from the hard work others have done to identify things that work on LinkedIn. Making the effort to apply what they have shown us seems a relatively small effort for good return. The following are some simple ways that demonstrate how to improve LinkedIn profile with little effort:

  • Complete your profile. It’s almost too easy. There is a significant difference in results when comparing completed profiles with those that are incomplete. Make sure you complete all the fields on your profile.
  • Include your picture. People want to see a face. You don’t need to be in formal business attire but a picture that conveys a business like appearance is good.
  • Write a good summary. Work on writing an interesting and engaging summary, not just a list of what you do. Be yourself and write your summary as you would speak in a normal conversation.
  • Avoid buzzwords. They mostly serve to annoy people.
  • Manage your endorsements. Those are those clicks you may get from people that serve to endorse a particular skill. However there may be times you receive an endorsement that you don’t want. While it appears ungrateful there is a reason. There are 50 skills that LinkedIn allows people to endorse, and skills on your profile are ranked by the number of endorsements each has. If you don’t pay attention and opt out of some endorsements, you may find yourself being sought out for a skill you don’t have.

Research how to improve LinkedIn profile results in additional ways and see the improvements translate to results. Besides, you may know more about how to write your LinkedIn summary on our site.

Get help with your LinkedIn profile

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