LinkedIn is more than just a tool to find a good job. It is also a site where you can get to connect and build networks not only within your industry but outside of it thus increasing your online presence. For job hunters, this social networking site increases their chances of finding the best work opportunity while businesses can get to expand their reach. If you want to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile you need to learn how to doLinkedIn optimization and LinkedIn makeover.

5 Steps to LinkedIn Optimization

  • Profile Picture – Use a professional profile picture for your LinkedIn account because this is what your viewers will first see.

  • Create a Headline – Aside from your picture your viewers will also see your job position. Instead of simply indicating what work you are currently holding, treating it as a headline to promote yourself is much better.

  • Impressive Summary – Another portion of your LinkedIn profile that you need to fill out is the summary. Go into details here so others will know more about you.

  • Customize Your URL – Customizing your LinkedIn URL is much better compared to just seeing alphanumeric characters.

  • Use Keywords – It is important that you know what keywords and phrases to use in your profile that are relevant to your work and background.

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